Our major home renovation was the third job our family has entrusted to Aspire Homes and Renovations. The first two were a large patio rebuild for my sister and situating a new bathroom downstairs for my elderly father. Both jobs were completed early and under budget with minimal inconvenience. Staff and trades were brilliant, friendly, accommodating, professional and delivered a top-quality outcome. This was also the case with our latest venture. Aspire supported us on our latest renovation for over twelve months as they helped us with suggestions and designs. Once we signed contract, work started within six weeks and was completed on time. They took care of every worry from the drawing and submission of plans, taking me shopping for fixtures, tiles and exhaust systems to liaising with externally hired painters and organising all the trades. There was absolutely no friction during the build, and small problems were immediately solved by Aspire. In an old home, when stripping back walls, unanticipated things happen and these were repaired with no fuss or bother. Aspire also accommodated any changes we made without any problems. The quality of the completed renovations is second to none. The house flows so well now and is a pleasure to live in. Michael was so easy to work with, an absolute gentleman and professional. The building trade needs more people like him.

I could not recommend Aspire more highly. If you want a quality job done, completely on time and within budget, and experience minimal stress during the process, then Aspire Homes and Renovations is the place to go.

I am more than willing to discuss our project and show the results if you are thinking of hiring Aspire Homes and Renovations.

Dr Peta Edwards
South Perth

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